12 Ways to Keep Customers

By Cindy Cyr, Cindy@CinCyrCopywriting.com      

1)    Always have a contagious positive attitude. I know you’ve heard this before, but that is because it is vitally important. People break off friendships over negativity, so imagine what a client will do when you are negative.  Plus, always remember, part of having a positive attitude is never complaining about anything.

2)    Show excitement about helping your prospect’s business and about helping them succeed.  Be enthusiastic about their success, and be both their cheerleader and advisor when they need one.

3)    Be confident, not arrogant.  Make up your mind to achieve whatever you set your mind to.  Let your customers see a “determined to succeed” attitude along with self-assurance in your abilities without seeming like you can do no wrong.

4)    Demonstrate your ability to assess and solve problems.  Be able to look at real-world problems, prioritize what needs to be done and what can wait, and provide solutions.

5)    Have fun and be happy. Have you ever noticed how magnetic fun people are?  Smile.  Find joy.  See the humor in things and you’ll be one of them.

6)    Be likeable and welcoming.  Create a rapport that makes people feel like they could come to your house, kick their shoes off, help themselves to food from the fridge, and feel right at home.

7)    Give 110% and do your best EVERY time.   Long-time customers will get accustomed to your best.  Once you stop giving it, they may decide it’s time to find someone new who is excited about their products and/or services.

8)    Have integrity.  Always be honest and ethical in everything you do.  Keep your word and never do the slightest thing that casts doubt.  Be aware of little white lies, jokes, or stories that may paint you as less than honest.

9)    Don’t cast blame.  This is especially important when and if you make a mistake.  If you make a mistake, let the client know what the mistake was and your suggestions for solving the problem.

10) Keep organized.  Keep things in order and be detailed (but not obsessive).  This helps you run things error-free and builds your client’s confidence in you.

11) Make the customer feel like you are in business with him.  Make your customers feel like they are your only customer-or better yet, like their success is as important to you as if you were a business partner.

12) Avoid telling your client about the difficulties you are encountering.  Maybe you’re having personal problems or are having technical difficulties with your computer. Whatever the case, your prospect doesn’t care about your problems.  When you share them, you are not only wasting their time, but you are setting yourself up as an “excuse person” or a “complainer.”  This casts doubts in you and your ability and can severely damage your credibility.