IFTA and IRP Reporting

LoadTrek automates much of your IFTA reporting requirements

The system tracks and reports state and provincial fuel usage, distance by state/province, and entries/exits to every state/province. The system tracks distance by state and province for IRP reporting. You can import fuel purchases, and drivers can enter fuel purchases.
The telematics device automatically detects the odometer reading, time, and date of every state and provincial line crossing. The device measures fuel usage in every jurisdiction. You can deduct certain types of fuel usage, such as off road, PTO and idle.

The result is a highly accurate system that eliminates the need for Drivers Trip Reports. Your quarterly and annual reporting becomes much easier. We participated in the Automated Mileage and Stateline Crossing Operational Test (AMASCOT) performed in 1995 at the Iowa State University with leading heavy truck fleets. This test confirmed the accuracy and simplicity for motor carriers and states. Since the time of the test, these systems have become more accurate, simpler, and less expensive.