Project Management

Secure Your Fleet’s Success With a Comprehensive Project Plan

The right plan is important. We’re here to help you measure progress against your plan and secure alternative solutions for the times when things do not work out as anticipated. JBA Telematics has the experience, knowledge, and skill needed to create a simple and effective project plan for your fleet.

We’ll Work With You to Explore Your Individual Needs:

Project Scope

Defined Responsibilities

Project Funding

Departments Involved

Assigned Roles

In-sourced and Outsourced Tasks

IT Infrastructure Requirements

The Elements of Your Project Plan Will Include:

Setting Goals


Technical Support and Integration

Vehicle Availability


Pre-implementation Meeting

Assigning Units

Follow-up Training

Assigning Roles – Internal and External

System Administrator

Setting Up Your IT Infrastructure

Maintenance Facility Availability

Mechanic Training – Vehicle Installations

On-site Project Coordination


Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Driver Training

In-House Trainer

Arranging and Execution of Vehicle Installations

Additional or Rental Vehicles

Executive Overview

Production Per Day

Confirmation of Proper Operation