LoadTrek University: 2015 Schedule

Mar 31, 2015 | Events

Announcing: LoadTrek University

LoadTrek Software is pleased to announce new class schedules for software certification. With LoadTrek University Certification, you will achieve an administrative credential certification for the complete LoadTrek software system. Typically the administrator will function as the primary point of contact for all internal questions and be able to identify and correct issues related to all standard processes.


What are the three courses?

Implementation Topics LoadTrek 152 – LoadTek 152 covers introductory concepts and provides tools and training necessary to begin using LoadTrek for daily operations. After completing LoadTrek 152, the user will be able to successfully navigate, utilize, and interpret the various system functionalities and overall terminology.

Advanced Implementation Topics LoadTrek 201 – This course discusses more advanced concepts such as: Reviewing Planned vs Actual Data, Validation of Dispatcher Duties, Setting up User Regions, Driver Performance Scorecards, and Billable and Payable Exceptions. This course will not cover initial software training topics (creating and assigning loads, dispatching loads, editing HOS logs, etc.) and assumes all basic LoadTrek 152 training has been completed and the attendee has a good understanding of software and hardware.

Improve Business Processes LoadTrek 301 – This course will focus on advanced training associated with big picture concepts such as: System Optimization, Analysis, Efficiency, and Organizational Structure associated with the LoadTrek applications. LT152 and 201 are prerequisite.


How much does it cost?

Each LoadTrek University class is $995.00 for three days covering application, troubleshooting, and discussion. Cost is not inclusive of travel and lodging accommodations, but does account for official LoadTrek certification and plaque.


When is the course being held?

May 12-14, 2015       Implementation Topics – LoadTrek 152

June 23-25, 2015      Advanced Implementation Topics  – LoadTrek 201

August 25-27, 2015  Improve Business Processes –  LoadTrek 301


Where is the course taking place?

West Washington Ave, Suite 500, Madison, WI 53703


How do I sign up?

Please RSVP and identify which LoadTrek certification session and days you would like to attend. Users must register by April 25th and submit a $300 non-refundable deposit for the May 12-14 session.


What should I bring?

Materials depend on the class you are attending, Once  we receive your registration you will receive a follow up email containing a list of suggested items and knowledge to bring to the training.  The attendee packet will also list lodging options and a course syllabus.


Additional Training

LoadTrek offers on-site, classroom style training for groups of four or more. During these sessions customers may come to LoadTrek headquarters in Madison, WI, or request a visit by LoadTrek training personnel to each company’s location. Our Training and Professional Services department will audit your system usage and, working with you on request, will develop a customized training and follow up plan.

We also offer: custom webinars, over-the-phone driver training, business assessments, custom integrations, and reporting.

For more information about customized training programs, please call 877.226.0107 extension 104, or email and inquire about training opportunities for you and your team.  Or, you can contact us here.

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