LoadTrek 301 – Administrator Certification

Sep 19, 2014 | Events

LoadTrek Software is pleased to announce the Administrator Certification Program. LoadTrek 301 is a three day course designed to provide training and certification as a LoadTrek Administrator. The Administrator will function as the primary point of contact for all internal questions related to the LoadTrek software and hardware. After completing this course, the attendee will be able to identify and correct issues related to all standard LoadTrek processes. The LoadTrek 301 course will not cover initial software training topics (creating and assigning loads, dispatching loads, editing HOS logs, etc.) and assumes all basic LoadTrek 101 training has been completed and the attendee has a good understanding of the software and hardware.

The LoadTrek 301 course will focus on advanced training such as: Validation of Dispatcher Duties, Setting up User Regions, Driver Performance Scorecards, Billable and Payable Exceptions, Reviewing Planned vs Actual Data, Maximizing Software Usage and more. Attendees will review and correct examples from live databases to learn how to identify, correct and prevent software and hardware problems at their home location.

How much does it cost?
LoadTrek 301 is currently being offered free to all customers employing the full LoadTrek solution. Attendees are responsible for their own travel, lodging and meals. Future customers will be required to have at least one certified LoadTrek Administrator as a condition for providing free technical support.

When is the course being held?
Two LoadTrek 301 Courses have been scheduled: October 6-8 and November 3-5 2014

Where is the course taking place?
LoadTrek Headquarters – 122 West Washington Ave, Suite 500, Madison, WI

How do I sign up?
Use the link below to RSVP and identify which LoadTrek 301 session you would like to attend. Link:
Please RSVP by September 26th for the October 6-8 session.

Is there a minimum number of attendees?
The LoadTrek 301 courses will be held if 4 or more customers sign up to attend the session.

How many people can attend from my company?
We request only 2 attendees per LoadTrek customer for an individual session. Since we are hosting two fall sessions, you can send a total of 4 attendees (2 each session).

What should I bring?
Everyone that signs up will receive a follow up email containing a list of suggested items and knowledge to bring to the training. The attendee packet will also list lodging options and an outline of the course content.

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