Hours of Service: California vs Federal

Sep 30, 2020 | Articles

Overview of Difference Between Federal and California HOS Rules

Federal HOS Basics (49 CFR § 395)California HOS Basics (CCR Title 13, Division 2, Chapter 6.5, Article 3, Section 1212)
11 hours driving12 hours driving
14 hours total duty window16 hours total duty window
10 hours off-duty mandatory10 hours off-duty mandatory
70-hour maximum workweek (8 days)80-hour maximum workweek (8 days)
34-hour restart provision – general trucking34-hour restart provision – general trucking
24-hour restart provision – construction trucking24-hour restart provision – construction trucking
Short-haul exemption – 150 air miles, 14-hour day (effective 9/28/20)Short-haul exemption – 100 air miles, 12-hour day

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