Forming a Motor Carrier Safety Class in Pennsylvania

Jul 2, 2014 | Events

We are looking to form a Motor Carrier Safety class at PMTA HQ in Harrisburg PA later this year. We need at least 25 students, but will accept no more than 35 students. Cost will be $725. The class will start Monday morning and end Friday noon. We will be using the same FMCSA National Training Center materials used to train FMCSA investigators.

Course Topics:
• Part 380 – Special Training Requirements
• Part 382 – Controlled Substances/Alcohol Testing
• Part 383 – CDL Requirements
• Part 385 – Safety Fitness Program
• Part 387 – Financial Responsibility
• Part 390 – Applicability
• Part 391 – Qualification of Drivers
• Part 392 – Driving of Motor Vehicles
• Part 393 – Parts & Accessories/Out-of-Service Criteria
• Part 395 – Hours of Service/Auditing
• Part 396 – Inspection, Repair, Maintenance

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive USDOT Transportation Safety Institute certificate.

Let me know if you are interested and we will put you on the list.

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