ELDs: The View from the Legal Community

Feb 7, 2019 | Reports

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This newsletter by Scopelitits Garvin Light Hanson & Feary discusses;

• Unassigned Miles and Managing AOBRD and ELD Data
• FMCSA Exemptions to the ELD Mandate
• ELDs Present Unique Opportunities and Challenges for Shippers and Intermediaries
• Spotlight on Regulatory Compliance Practice Area’s ELD Review and Audits

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Thomson Reuters Courtroom lawyers have an array of tactics at their disposal when trying to sway a jury to their side of a case. Some of these approaches are rooted in academic theories while others rely heavily on rhetoric and psychology. In almost every case,...

The ELD Hacking Threat

Jack Roberts Did you know your fleet’s electronic logging devices may be vulnerable to hackers? It’s true. Serjon, a cybersecurity firm specializing in fleet transportation security, held a press conference during the Technology & Maintenance Council annual...

2023 FMCSA Audits Year in Review

FMCSA and its state partners conducted more than 12,300 investigations in 2023 and continued its shift to more on-site audits, up 13% over 2022. Daren Hansen For the third year in a row, more DOT audits are being performed on-site. As a result, investigators are...