Did You Miss Microsoft’s Ignite Conference?

Oct 19, 2018 | Industry News

If you missed Microsoft’s Ignite conference – you can watch session and download presentations here.

30,000 IT professionals converged on Orlando for the five-day Microsoft Ignite conference. Microsoft uses this annual megaconference to share a bevy of new features, products and services announcements with organizations that use and rely on Microsoft’s offerings.

After Satya Nadella set the company’s vision for the near term in his keynote Monday morning, other members of the senior leadership of the company did technical keynotes to dive into the products and services that help drive the overall vision laid out by Nadella.

Over the course of the conference’s five days, Satya Nadella set the company’s vision for the near term in his keynote Monday morning, then more than 1700 sessions were presented by experts from Microsoft. They range from short 20-minute theater sessions, 45-minute break-out sessions, and 75-minute deep dive sessions.

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