Can GPS Records Be used for IFTA & IRP?

Nov 30, 2015 | Articles

The International Registration Plan and IFTA require a carrier operating under those programs to keep mileage records that can be audited for the carrier’s compliance.  Those records have to show where a carrier’s vehicles went — that is, routes and miles traveled — sufficient for an auditor to determine the accuracy of what the carrier reported on its IRP application for registration and its IFTA fuel use tax returns.

IRP adopted language that specifically requires its member jurisdictions to permit such electronic records – if they are adequate – to serve for purposes of audit.  Next year IFTA has done likewise.  Until now, IFTA may allow records if they are deemed accurate and adequate.

Your GPS records must be accurate – exactly measuring the distance in a state or province as well as the boundary crossing.

You must maintain records up to 5 years – IFTA and IRP have record retention guidelines that exceed log requirements.

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