Tracking – GPS for Assets, Trailers, and Off Road Equipment

Asset, Trailer, and Equipment Tracking

We provide a simple way to track your assets, with no wiring and no configuration. The Fleetilla FL950 is a simple, self-powered, self-contained unit. There is no external antenna, no wiring, no solar panels, and no external power.

What makes the FL950 so remarkable is its simplicity. Simply attached to any asset with high bonding adhesive tape or screws. The unit can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Battery life is up to 10 years, depending on the frequency of daily updates. Coverage is exceptional, often working inside buildings. The FL951 Dual Mode combines satellite communications with standard cellular communications for ubiquitous coverage anywhere on the globe.

Built in motion sensors and temperature sensors record usage time, movement time, high/low temperatures, and asset orientation. The device intelligently transmits as needed, up to 24 times a day, for a single low monthly price. Configuration is done over the air – no need to touch the unit for any reconfiguration.

Typical uses for the FL950 are trailers, containers, recycling containers, construction equipment, rental golf carts, frac tanks and other oil & gas well servicing equipment, generator sets, mobile pumps, portable lights, compressors, airport vehicles, cranes, drilling rigs, and agriculture machinery.

Integrate the FL950 into your company’s LoadTrek system, dispatch software, warehousing management systems, RFID, asset accounting, logistics management, or ERP software.

Use your FleetOrb web site to view your assets on a map, down to street-level. Report historical usage data including usage, movement, and temperatures. Get instant snapshots of your asset usage pattern and utilization.