Monitors – Driver Safety and Vehicle Tracking

Safety First

Determine the driving parameters that matter to you. In vehicle coaching gives your drivers immediate feedback when they exceed a safety limit or enter and exit a geofence area. You’ll receive real-time email or text notifications of alert conditions that allow you to provide coaching and guidance. These systems meet all oil and gas In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) requirements.

Identify and address aggressive driving measured using a built-in 3-axis accelerometer; rapid accelerations, forceful braking, hard cornering and unusual up-and-down motion from driving too fast over potholes, speed bumps or rough terrain.

Efficiency Pays the Bills

Knowing when and how vehicles are being used allows you to better allocate resources.

Track engine idle time, stop time and total driving time.

Track your staff’s efficiency by recording time-of-day driving and distance driven.

You can use this data, along with the GPS data, to identify and decrease idle time and side trips.

Maintenance and Vehicle Readiness

Maintenance scheduling and costs a problem? Monitor emission status and engine diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). Know in real time when the engine light or other diagnostic indicator goes off. Use the DTCs to schedule service and have the needed parts on hand before the vehicle gets to the garage. No need to depend on your drivers to report engine trouble.

What does it do?

Access your fleet information at any time, on any device that connects to the internet. No software to install and no complicated training required.

Standard reports show history, usage patterns, driving performance, locations, movement, and stops. Configurable alerts let you know when important events occur, as they occur.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fleet manager’s dashboard captures an overview of your entire fleet operation. Exceptions are highlighted.

Driving performance is measured against your parameters and scores are assigned based on your criteria. You can easily commend those drivers doing well, and coach those drivers needing improvement.

Do you need to control access or restrict access to certain areas? Set up geo-fences that alert you to potential problems and report on historical activities. Geo-fences can show you when a vehicle enters a restricted area. They can show you when a vehicle enters a required area. You can use them to create a security fence around your fleet, notifying you of theft or unauthorized movement.

How does it work?

Set up an account with JBA. We will set up your access, your web site, and your vehicles.

Install the device in your vehicles. Depending on the option you choose, a device may be wired into your vehicle, or plugged into your vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port.

We will set up a webinar training session for your fleet. You and your key people will learn how to access the web site and use the system.

We will schedule a follow-up session. We will discuss the activities you’ve seen, and decide what’s important to you. We will set up a Standard Operating Procedure that will guide your daily interaction with the system.

Fleet Management, Driver Monitoring, and GPS Tracking Options

JBA is an authorized distributor for Fleetilla LLC in Trenton MI. Fleetilla is a world leader in telematics and GPS tracking with a history of innovation and forward thinking. Fleetilla develops and manufactures tracking systems for trucks, cars, equipment, boats, motorcycles, trailers, and containers. Fleetilla equipment is found in oilfields and on construction sites all over the world.

We are a distributor for Davis Instruments, Inc. in Hayward CA. Davis is a leading electronic manufacturer for marine use and vehicle fleets. Davis developed the inexpensive, ground-breaking DriveRight driver monitor system in the 1990s. That tradition of inexpensive innovation continues today with the CarChip Connect.

The Fleetilla FL1260 is a reliable, proven platform designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States. It is an easy to install, all-in-one design that has no external antennae. It includes a 50 channel GPS engine for exceptional accuracy.

The Fleetilla FL1850 is as advanced onboard computer that is extremely rugged. In our 25 years of experience we have seen no other system surpass the 1850 in longevity or reliability. Like the FL1260, the FL1850 is built in America and designed for North American fleets.

The FL1850 acts as your onboard hub into which you can plug in peripherals such as J1708/J1929/OBDII engine interfaces, external sensors, and touch screen driver interfaces.

Deploy the FL1850 today for simple GPS tracking. You can add features to turn this system into the LoadTrek ELD system or the advanced LoadTrek Transportation Management System.

The Davis Car Chip Connect is designed specifically for light and medium duty vehicle fleets that use OBDII. Installation could not be easier- plug it in. Want to hide the device or leave your OBDII port open? Order our optional OBDII “Y” connector.

When plugged in, the CarChip device automatically connects to the vehicle’s engine computer and begins transmitting data. It’s very small, only 5 cm X 2.54 cm X 2.22 cm. Inside this tiny device are powerful telematics; advanced GPS tracking, onboard geo-fence boundaries, three-axis accelerometer, driver safety limits, and engine diagnostics.